Jesus og

This carefully trimmed batch of the Jesus OG strain was no different, as evidenced by the light green buds dripping in crystal-white trichomes. Jesus og. Small patches of orange hair were evenly spaced throughout the buds.

Judging from the terpene profile alone, I would say that this batch of Vegamatrix strain was closer to the Hells OG end of the spectrum. It carried a smooth, woodsy aroma with only a slight touch of lemon.

Medicating with this batch of the OG strain was a real treat; it was smooth on the inhale and left a mild taste in my mouth that was slightly reminiscent of the Chemdawg strain.

As far as effects are concerned, I found this batch of Vegamatrix Jesus OG to be a great way to relieve stressand anxiety without feeling too bogged down. Still, I wouldn’t recommend medicating with this strain if you have a long list of monotonous responsibilities. It is capable of causing a noticeable “come down” effect after a couple hours.

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