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Nova OG seeds have strong Indica properties that make it a special hybrid strain. It is a result of cross between Jack Herer and Harlequin seeds. It has been known to provide relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety. The plant grows moderate in height and has orange hairs.

The Nova OG strain has a berry, earthy and woody flavor which is strong and refreshing at the same time. The effects of the strain are that it can make you feel totally relaxed and euphoric. It brings out the creativity and makes you more social. It does not leave you stoned and couch locked so you can enjoy it together with friends in an evening party. The medical uses of the strain are to treat patients with insomnia, stress, anxiety disorders and depression.

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NOVA OG Buds slowly creeps up on you before leaving you fully calm and pain-free. Don’t underestimate what this plant can do. An elite cut directly from Canada will send you on a journey with its sweet, fruity, peppery hit.

Nova OG Strain of Marijuana

NOVA OG Buds is out-of-this-world. They were created specifically for THC-tolerant growers who were looking for a jaw-dropping marijuana strain. Nova OG has been in the business for a few years now. Not to mention, these feminized seeds take after its high-CBD parent Harlequin. This is one of those strains beginners can’t consume without taking precautions. This strain is noteworthy for providing users with an intensely energized clear-headedness accompanied by positive feelings, making it perfect for daytime and nighttime use. Cannabis Specialist

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2 reviews for NOVA OG Buds

  1. Naoh Quieg

    Thank you very much for keeping your product the number one brand in town. We cannot achieve this satisfaction without you as our suppliers.

  2. Naoh Quieg

    I suffer from chronic kidney stones and am about to have my second surgery to remove one or more stones. They are super painful when the pain hits it can knock you over. My doctor gave me opioids for the pain but the side-effects are just too much and I had to find an alternative. My doctor couldn’t certify me for a medical marijuana card because of the hospital policy where his office is. He did point me to so I made an appointment and met the nurse practitioner Ivy Lou and she got me certified easily. She made me understand that because there is no real research yet published I’d have to experiment with different strains to find the one that worked for me. That’s definitely how it’s turned out for me where most strains work pretty well but some better than others so find that strain that works best for your condition and buy a lot of it! I’ve also found that the way you take it makes a big difference with marijuana edibles being the best for me. This is truly a miracle plant.

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