What are refillable oil cartridges?

What are refillable oil cartridges?

Refillable cartridges are empty 510 threaded vape tanks with built-in coil and wicking system. What are refillable oil cartridges? They can be filled with THC or CBD vape oils and distillates. Technically you can use regular nicotine e-liquid, but you would be much better off using a refillable pod vape for that purpose. OG kush Buds

Refillable cartridges are relatively inexpensive and more cost-effective than using pre-filled cartridges or disposable CBD vape pens. Though oil cartridges are technically considered “disposable”, they can generally be refilled and used multiple times, especially if they are constructed of high quality materials.

The better quality oil cartridges have coils that hold up well after refilling and re-using them a few times. Many of them also utilize modern coil technology which makes them last longer than regular coils and stand up better to higher voltages

What to look for in an oil cartridge

Here are the things you should look for in a good refillable oil cartridge. They are also some of the main reasons why we featured those particular cartridges above. You can always get cheap cartridges in bulk, but chances are they will be lacking many of these characteristics. Don’t waste your precious oil by putting it in low-quality cartridges.

  • Build quality – Cartridges constructed of high-quality durable materials, like Pyrex and steel, typically have a much longer lifespan than inexpensive vape cartridges. The goal is ultimately for your cartridge to outlast the lifespan of the coil.
  • Coil longevity – Your tank is only as good as your coil. If you want to be able to re-use your cartridge for a long time, you want one with a good coil longevity. Ceramic coils have become a popular choice because they tend to handle heat better and are less prone to burning out than standard coils.710 King Pen Cartridges
  • Airflow – Some 510 vape tanks provide a tight draw, while others may have a looser one. Most oil cartridges don’t have adjustable airflow (although some do), but eventually you will figure out which style of inhalation you prefer best.
  • Efficiency – The best refillable vape tanks will allow you to vape oil down to the very last drop. Other cartridges don’t perform well if there isn’t enough oil left in the tank, due to their inefficient design. Don’t waste any of your high-quality oil.
  • Capacity – Most refillable cartridges come in either 0.5 mL or 1.0 mL capacities. There are also smaller ones available that hold 0.25 mL. Smaller cartridges are perfect for travelling and using super high-potency blends, while the larger ones are more convenient for regular daily use.
  • Aesthetics – Aside from performance, aesthetics is also an important factor. There are some oil cartridges that just look generic or ugly, and others that are fancy and more elegant. If looks matter to you, then you want a tank that completes your style.Wax, Dab

How to fill an empty oil cartridge

Here are some tips for filling (or refilling) your empty 510 cartridges. (What are refillable oil cartridges?)

  • Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece on top.
  • Fill the tank between the walls of the tank and the chimney. Do not get liquid inside the central hole.
  • You might need to use a syringe for extra precision.
  • Don’t overfill the cartridge. Allow room for when you screw the mouthpiece back on or it could overflow.
  • Wait at least 10-15 minutes to prime the coil or you might experience a burnt hit (thicker oils and distillates may require more time to prime).
  • After a few refills, the flavor will be faint or start tasting burnt. That means it’s time to replace the cartridge with a new one. Anesthesia

How to use a refillable oil cartridge

Once your oil cartridge is filled and primed, just screw it on to your weed pen. Some batteries that are draw-activated will not require you to press any buttons to turn the device on or off. But besides that, there’s not a subtantial difference in how vape pens work.

  • Make sure your battery is on and charged.
  • Set your device to the lowest voltage setting.
  • Start by taking small short puffs to gauge the effects and to prime the coil.
  • Some cartridges may require more voltage to produce a satisfying puff.
  • Turn the battery off when you are done by clicking the fire button five times.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida (2020 Guide)

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida (2020 Guide)

Medical Marijuana Doctor Issuing Recommendations for Patients Near Tampa, St. Petersburg and All of Florida

Getting a medical marijuana card in Florida is a fairly streamlined process, but it can still be confusing. That’s why we created an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to get your medical marijuana card in Florida, completely updated to meet Florida’s requirements in 2020. CBD vape cartridge

Step 1: Call Our Physicians to Arrange Your New Patient Evaluation

The first step to find out if you are eligible for a marijuana card under Florida’s law is to be evaluated by a qualified doctor. Physicians have quite a bit of discretion to decide if your symptoms, pain or health condition fall within those accepted by law. Don’t worry – our staff will make sure you know what you need to bring with you to the consultation, such as: . Wax dabs. Brass knuckles

  • Proof of Florida residency and photo I.D.
  • Medical records

You can’t visit just any doctor for this appointment. They must be registered with the state’s cannabis program. All of our physicians have completed the state-mandated training and certification. You don’t need to be referred by your primary care doctor or anyone else. Simply give us a call! How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida (2020 Guide). Gorilla glue buds

If you qualify:

You will receive a patient registry I.D. number from us, if our doctors determine you are eligible. You will use this I.D. number to complete an online application on the state’s website. This application is how you register for a medical marijuana card. At the same time, our doctors will add you to Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This listing will include your patient I.D. number, your name, your treatment recommendation and other identifying data.Jesus og

“What’s next?”

After you’ve completed your online application with the patient registry I.D. number we provide, all that’s left to do is wait for the state to authorize and activate your application. This can take 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email from the state when the listing is activated. Once you receive this email, you can purchase marijuana in Florida! Don’t wait for the physical card you’ll get in the mail, which could take another 2-3 months. Print out the email or download it on your phone. Take your regular photo I.D. to the dispensary of your choice, and the staff there will be able to look up your active listing in the state’s database. You’ll be able to purchase the dispensary’s products during this visit, no physical marijuana I.D. card required!Animal cookies

“Can I grow marijuana after I get my card?” Cannabis spedcialist. How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida (2020 Guide)

No, Florida law does not currently allow residents to grow their own marijuana plants. Only the licensed dispensing centers are permitted to do so.Anesthesia

Maintain communication with our doctors

Dr. Lora Brown examining a patient for medical marijuana effectivenessAt AMRX, our doctors keep in touch with our patients and are committed to ongoing communication. Our care doesn’t stop after you’ve received your card; in fact, we want to hear from you after you’ve had a chance to use your medication. Our doctors will want to know how you are responding to the dose and type of marijuana you purchased. That way, we can work with you to adjust any aspects of the medication that aren’t working as best they can.Sour diesel buds

“How much will it cost?”

For the initial certification period, costs include:

  • The state’s application fee of $75
  • The initial in-person visit with our doctors for $225
  • The cost of the specific marijuana product you buy at the dispensary

The $225 consultation fee is waived IF our doctors determine you do not qualify for marijuana in Florida. So there’s no risk in finding out.Super lemon haze

Infographic showing what you need to do to get an mmj card in FloridaAs you shop around for doctors, we hope you’ll keep the following in mind: At AMRX, our doctors and our entire staff are personally committed to real guidance and care. We won’t leave you out in the cold as you try to figure out how to complete your application; we’ll help you with each step. We encourage and request that our patients follow up with us after they’ve obtained their medication because we want to make sure it is working as well as possible. And we will make sure you find a dispensing organization you like and that serves your needs. Our doctors have a thorough understanding of the types of marijuana products available, and which devices and strains may be the best experience for you. In summary, we are here for our patients when they need us.Og kush

Step 2: Purchasing Marijuana at a Dispensary

Florida dispensaries are known as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs). Under Florida law, MMTCs are allowed to grow, cultivate, manufacture and sell their own marijuana and marijuana products. Therefore, each dispensary has its own brand and array of products. You will see different items depending on the MMTC you choose.Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

At AMRX, our doctors want you to have the best possible experience from this herbal therapy. That’s why we help you choose an MMTC. We are familiar with the types of products each dispensary provides in our area. Rely on us to let you know which center is likely to carry the right medication for your ailment.

A few things to expect…Durban Poison

Not only will the array of medication vary by MMTC, so too will the prices. You can choose any product or combination you like, as long as they don’t violate any exceptions in your treatment recommendation. You can purchase any amount you like as long as that amount doesn’t exceed the 70-day allotment of medication you are allowed at once.Diesel

You may choose any state-licensed MMTC. Many of these centers offer free delivery of medication to your door, if that is something you are interested in.THC Gummy Bears

“Can I take my medication to another state?” Black Tuna kush

No, Florida marijuana patients may use and possess their medication in our state only. You can face criminal charges for taking your medication over state lines, even if the other state has its own medical or recreational marijuana laws.Pineapple Express

Step 3: Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Card

Your registration with a medical marijuana card is not indefinite. A certification period lasts 210 days, so you must come back to our practice for a face-to-face evaluation every 210 days in order to keep your marijuana listing active.Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

You will also see that your marijuana card is valid for 12 months and has an expiration date. Take a look at the date when you receive your card and make a calendar reminder to schedule an appointment with us 30-60 days before your card expires. That way, you won’t experience a lapse in medication. You will need to pay the $75 state registration fee each time you renew, plus our fees. This will ensure you continue to get the benefits of your medication without interruption.Moby Dick

Get Started on the Application Process

To find out if you are eligible for a Florida medical marijuana card, please arrange your in-person evaluation at our office by calling our friendly staff at 888-910-4711. Our elegant, comfortable St. Petersburg office is located across from the Bayfront Medical Center in a professional medical complex. We are proud to care for people from across our region of Florida, including Tampa and Orlando.Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida

Cannabis Specialist

Getting marijuana in Florida has come a long way since it was the exclusive domain of fine gentlemen strolling Ocean Drive mumbling “weedcoke” to unwitting tourists. Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida.Now, there are literally ads for weed on top of taxi cabs. Since Florida voters passed Amendment 2, legalizing medicinal marijuana in 2016, ads for marijuana doctors are popping up in local weeklies, on cabs, and even on billboards. But don’t let them fool you: We are a long way from becoming Colorado, and like pretty much everything in Florida there are still befuddling questions about how the whole thing works.Cannabis spedcialist

For instance: Who are these doctors on the taxis, and how can I get them to write me a prescription? Where can I buy it? Do they have Taco Bells nearby? And, most importantly — especially right now — do they deliver? Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in FloridaTo help iron it out, we talked to a few experts with intimate knowledge of the subject. Robert Chavez, an executive healthcare consultant formerly with the University of Miami Health System; Steve Berke, CEO of Bang Holdings, a publicly traded cannabis ad-tech company; seniors marijuana activist Robert Platshorn; and attorney Daniel Russell who has represented, among others, the Florida Lottery and Gulfstream Park. They gave us the skinny on who qualifies for medicinal marijuana, who can sell it, and what else to expect from medical marijuana in Florida in 2020. Brass knuckles

How do I get a prescription for medical marijuana?

This is one of the few parts of the law that’s pretty straightforward. You, the patient, go to a doctor who’s state certified to prescribe medicinal marijuana (more on those later). These are the guys you see advertising as “pot docs” on billboards, who charge anywhere from $150-$250 for an examination. You must show you have one of the approved conditions, and, more importantly, that you’ve tried other treatments that haven’t worked. This prevents you from inventing “anxiety” to get legal weed — like you might do to get a support hamster on an airplane. These doctors are currently also doing telehealth appointments. CBD vape cartridge

If the doctor signs off, you send your application and a check for $75 to the Florida Department of Health, which within a few weeks sends you a card you can take into a dispensary to purchase your pot. Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida. Once you have said card you’re placed on the Compassionate Use Registry, basically a list of all the people in the state who have been prescribed marijuana. Your prescription is only good for 30 weeks, at which point you’ll need a doctor to sign off again. After one year you’ll need to have another in-person examination, which will cost you another $250 or so. Gorilla glue buds

What are the approved conditions?

Strolling into the local pot doc and saying you have “chronic pain” like it’s the golden era of pill mills ain’t happening. Medicinal marijuana treatment is limited to a few conditions, specifically ALS, anxiety, anorexia, arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis (MS). Jesus og

The law also allows for “other debilitating medical conditions of the same kind or class,” meaning, for example, if you have an autoimmune condition like lupus, a doctor could prescribe marijuana for that. The caveat is meant for people with less common conditions, and is not broad language designed to allow doctors to prescribe for anything. You do actually have to be sick. Super lemon haze

How do doctors qualify to prescribe medical marijuana?

Chavez told us that anyone with a medical degree and at least one year of post-graduate residency qualified for a medical license, and therefore could prescribe medicinal marijuana after completing the state-mandated two-hour course. God bless Florida. You can search for approved doctors here. Wax dabs

Where can I buy medical marijuana in Florida?

Just because you have a medicinal card doesn’t mean you can just call up your source down in Kendall and it’s all hunky-dory with the cops. You can only buy medical marijuana in Florida at a state-approved dispensary. There are over 200 statewide (even in the panhandle), run by fourteen licensed companies. You must buy from one of them, or you can be cited by police even if your marijuana is legally prescribed. Get pulled over with your state-approved THC oil, and you’ll need to show the cops your card AND proof you bought it at a licensed dispensary, or it’s a long night of bologna sandwiches and ice-cold AC for you. Animal cookies

What can I buy at a Florida dispensary?

This is not Snoop Dogg’s CVS. You’re not rolling in armed with your prescription and picking up an ounce of bud like it’s Seattle and you’re on your lunch break. Hell, you’re not even picking up a package of minty-delicious brownies like in some other medicinally legal states. What you’re getting now are extracts, oils, tinctures, and/or whole flower smokable marijuana. You can buy up to 2.5 ounces of whole flower cannabis every 35 days. Og kush

But Russell says it still won’t be as simple to buy as it is in other states. “Florida dispensaries are not Colorado dispensaries,” he says. “The product isn’t in a glass jar for examination. It’s packaged up tightly in containers you cannot see into, and sold by strain and weight so the patient isn’t sorting through the jar for their best-looking choice of product.” Sour diesel buds

The law also allows patients to buy “delivery devices” for their smokable pot — those are pipes and bongs to you and me. And you must still follow all public smoking laws, so you can’t just light up in the middle of a conference room and tell everyone you’re “taking your medication,” giving everyone a big wink-wink to everyone at the table. Anesthesia

Rules on edibles are coming at some point, but the Department of Health doesn’t exactly have that as its top priority right now. So don’t hold your breath. Or, do, if you think it works better.Animal Cookies

Are dispensaries still open during COVID-19?

Of course they are. In a rare stroke of common sense and reason, local authorities deemed dispensaries an “essential business,” since technically they are dispensing medicine and people might get sick if they closed. So you can still take an excursion to your local dispensary, likely the only time you’ll be able to stroll in decked out in a facemask and black gloves and not immediately be tackled by police.Anesthesia

Will they deliver if I’m in quarantine?

For the immunocompromised, or those who just don’t feel like getting off the couch, dispensaries have been permitted to deliver at all hours during the COVID-19 crisis. You read that right: all hours. Because medicine knows no civic curfew ordinances, delivery drivers from dispensaries are now armed with notes from the Surgeon General stating they are carrying valuable medicine, and can bring it to your house at 2am, if the urge strikes. What a time to be alive.Jock Horror

Will insurance pay for medical marijuana?

Nope. And neither will Medicare or Medicaid. Straight cash, homie. Or maybe a credit card if you want to rack up some frequent flyer miles.CBD isolate Medical Marijuana

Can I open a dispensary?

You cannot. OK, technically, yes you can, but technically you can also play right field for the Marlins. And that might actually be more likely. When the law first passed, the state mandated that anyone selling medicinal marijuana had to run the entire process, from growing and extracting to selling. And the whole vertically integrated shebang fell under one license. Guess how many licenses were allotted in the third-most populous state in the country? Seven. And to prevent hucksters from coming down to Florida and immediately becoming farmers, the state also said applicants had to be in business for 30 years (!) to qualify.Trainwreck Buds

That part of the law was struck down when a group of black farmers sued, and since then the state has expanded its licenses to a whopping 22. But only 14 of them are currently active.Durban Poison

The licenses have become hugely valuable, with two going on the secondary market last fall for a combined $95 million. If you don’t have that kind of cash, Berke says you’re SOL in the pot game. “This is not a mom-and-pop industry,” he said. “It’s all Wall Street money and public companies with billion-dollar valuations entering the market now. Everyone else has missed the boat.” Black Tuna kush

Am I allowed to grow my own medical marijuana?

Not unless you’ve got $95 million and a state license.THC Gummy Bears

How does this affect stuff like background checks and federal benefits?

If the drug is legally prescribed, your name being on a register will not affect your ability to own a firearm or any other civil rights, according to Chavez.Pink Kush Shatter.Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida

Is recreational weed coming to Florida anytime soon?

Berke predicted 2022 as the year we see a recreational marijuana referendum, and cited that as a big reason why licenses are trading for almost $50 million a piece. If the day comes when the Ocean Drive sidewalk entrepreneurs are replaced by big green neon crosses, it’ll be yet another reason for locals to avoid it like the plague. But for others, it’ll be yet another reason Miami is such a fantastic place to visit — not to mention the art of sneaking weed onto an airplane. And if nothing else, will make for some fantastic ads. Everything You Need to Know About Legal Weed in Florida.Candyland BHO Wax

Cannabis Specialist, Wax dabs

17 of the Best Things to do While Stoned or High

Whether you’re a casual weed smoker or someone who smokes on a daily basis, the time is guaranteed to come when you find yourself bored out of your mind and want to do something new or experience something you do regularly, but in a different way. Cannabis Specialist. Sure, you could lounge on the couch and flip through channels, or just hang out with your crew of buddies the entire time, but what if you had a list of things that were out of the ordinary for you to try while you’re smoking it up? What if you had a bucket list of sorts where you could check off some of your favorite things that you’ve tried, or want to try?

There are a few classic things you can do while you’re high that are extra amazing, and even though they might seem like things you do every day, they can be a lot more awesome if you think about them in a different way. Here are 17 of our favorite things to do when you’re baked.

1 – Netflix and Chill Out…

There is nothing better than kicking back and watching an old classic on Netflix when you’re stoned. Suddenly, your old favorites that you haven’t seen in years have a new flavor – the sounds, the colors, the plotline – all can seem like it’s an entirely new experience that changes the way you feel about the whole film.

Although this may seem like a very basic, very normal activity when you’re stoned or not stoned, it’s always nice to be able to relax and enjoy either some new shows or movies that you’ve never seen before, or enjoy old classics with a new set of eyes when everything is suddenly more hilarious. Or, spend the next few hours watching some old stoner classics like Pineapple Express, or Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – we can guarantee those will feel a lot more trippy and funnier when you’re stoned.

2 – Take a Walk and Enjoy Your Surroundings.

You won’t believe how different the world looks when you take a walk stoned. Not really, but it is a nice activity to do right after blazing up. You can get some air in your lungs, take in the local sights, and explore your city. You won’t believe the things you’ll notice and that your mind will pay closer attention to as you travel around. Plug in some headphones, take a stroll around the neighborhood, or just walk a few circles around your block. Or, you can even travel on foot to a local restaurant to get a quick bite to eat and then walk off the food after you’re done.

It can be tough to get yourself moving after you get high, but there’s nothing like a walk to get your mind moving, your heart beating, and your imagination spiraling.

3 – Eat. Eat. And then Eat Some More!

Okay, so we know what you’re thinking –  you might be thinking you do this anyway, and that it’s already a hardwired part of your typical “activities while stoned playbook.” Well, this time, see if you can make your munchies just a little different than normal. Instead of grabbing for the nearest bag of chips or popping those same old pizza rolls in the oven, see if you can instead open up that cookbook you haven’t touched in years and bake a recipe that actually uses real ingredients, and takes some time to make.

Take it a little further than you normally do and eat something good. But what if you don’t want to cook? No problem – we’ve still got the eating part covered.

If you don’t want to cook, or you just don’t feel like spending all that time and effort, instead, go to a new restaurant and try that delicious dish that you’ve been waiting to try for a while. You’ll be blown away by how good everything tastes, especially when you’ve given your taste buds the treat of trying something entirely new. And hey, you might find that you’ve discovered your new favorite place, and the next time you try it, it might taste entirely different.

4 – Listen to music.

Your favorite hits transcend into something magical and entirely different when you’re high. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with music and completely zoning out to your favorite songs by plugging in your headphones or switching on your surround sound speakers and turning up the volume a little louder than you usually do. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous or energetic, shut the door and use that magical vibe to whip out a couple of dance moves. You might find yourself getting lost in the music and enjoying yourself doing something a little different than just melting into the nearest soft surface.

And, it’s also a great way to experience music that you’ve never heard before, too. Give something a listen that you’ve been holding out on – you might just discover your new favorite artist or song when doing so. Check out a Spotify playlist of a genre of music that you like, but with new and unique artists, and see what you can discover.

5 – Play video games.

This might seem like a no-brainer, too, especially if you’re an avid video game player, but playing video games while stoned is a wildly different experience than it is while you’re sober. The lights, noises, and graphics are all more intense and seem more real when you’re in the universe of the game, making it a worthwhile pastime to do while high. And, who knows – your skills might even improve then, too.

Plus, it’s a great activity if you’re just looking to stay at home and chill, but also socialize a little bit with your friends. If you have a crew of friends who play video games, hop online and join them for a few games and see if you enjoy the game a little differently. Plus, it’s a great time-waster.

6 – Cook something new.

If you’re not up for doing something too active, but you still want to do something productive, try cooking a new dish. The new tastes and smells will be exciting and fresh, and you can move at your own pace as you whip up the meal. Bonus points if you pretend you’re on MasterChef.

7 – Go to a museum.

This activity is especially valuable if you don’t typically find museums interesting. If you live nearby a museum, take a stroll around the place to see if you’re more engaged and interested in the exhibits than you usually are. It’s likely you might even find that it’s your new favorite place to visit after you go.

Plus, museums are a great place to people watch or to explore with friends. When you’re with others, you can chat about what you’re seeing or explore areas of the museum that you’ve always avoided.

8 – Chat with an old friend.

When you’re stoned, you never know what thoughts might come to your mind. It could be worthwhile to call up an old friend and chat with them for a while while you’re feeling a little less inhibited than usual and see if you can reconnect with them. Or, if there’s no one you feel like dredging up old business with, start a Facetime chat with someone you have talked to recently, like your siblings or your best friends and see what they’re up to. Spending time chatting with loved ones is something we take for granted nowadays, so it’s always nice, even when you’re stoned, to check in with someone outside of your regular touchpoints.

And, it’s always worth it to call someone you haven’t talked with in a while.

7 – Ride a rollercoaster.

This one’s for those who have easy access to a local amusement or water park – riding a rollercoaster while you’re stoned is easily one of the wildest feeling experiences that you will ever undergo in your life. It’s a wild adventure, and one that’s way out of the ordinary.

Of course, it might take a little more planning if you don’t live in an area around a roller coaster, but it’s definitely an experience that we recommend trying at least once.

10 – Exercise.

If you’re an active person, you might enjoy performing some light cardio or aerobic activity while you’re high. Jesus og. Don’t go too overboard because you might end up feeling a little sick or lightheaded, but exercising when you’re stoned can feel really refreshing. Wax dabs

This goes along the same lines as taking a walk, but you could try some light weight lifting, biking, rowing, or anything else that you enjoy at the gym or at home that gets your heart and your muscles working. Some people really enjoy exercising stoned – it’s all up to you and what you think you can handle.

11 – Clean.

Some people can get a lot accomplished when they’re high, and cleaning is the perfect example of putting that sudden burst of energy to good use. Use that healthy productivity to get your house or apartment sparkly clean and see if you can tidy up someplace you haven’t cleaned in a while – like that messy hall closet. You can use your extra concentration powers to good and spend your time wisely. Gorilla glue buds

12 – Go to the bar.

If cross-buzzing doesn’t bother you, find your closest chill bar and kick back and relax with your friends. Even if you don’t drink, you might find that the atmosphere and the company is an excellent experience that only gets better when you’re high. Super lemon haze

13 – Do something creative.

What gets your creative juices flowing? Is it painting, writing, or making music? Whatever floats your boat, do something creative so that you’re using the best of your time – and your mind.

It’s always a good use of your time to do something creative that makes you think in a different way than you usually do, but when you’re stoned, you might find yourself exploring different things or different ways of doing things you’re used to doing. So, if you’re a musician of any kind, you might find yourself playing different songs, or exploring the same songs in a different way or with a different vibe. So it’s always a great idea to sit back and see what creativity you can make flow out of you.Brass knuckles

14 – Organize your closet.

Sound boring? Not while you’re high! Take some time to go through your closet and get rid of everything you don’t want, and organize the things you do want to keep. You’ll find it’s time well spent, and if you turn on some music while you’re doing it, you might just enjoy it. Anesthesia

Plus, you’ll manage to take something off your never-ending to-do list, which is always a perk.

15 – Take a hot bath.

Taking a hot bath on any regular day is the ultimate relaxation activity. But when you’re stoned? There’s nothing better. The warmth of the water, the steam in the bathroom – it all adds up to an overall pleasant experience.Sour diesel buds

Add that with a couple of candles, some music, and some bubble bath, and you’ve basically got yourself a spa day. Og kush

16 – Yoga.

If you like yoga, now’s the time to do it. Even if you aren’t a yoga fan, it could be a good time to try it out when your mind is in a different space than it usually is. It’s relaxing, it’s a great activity, and it’s even more fun and relaxing when you’re high. Animal cookies

If you can’t make it to a studio, at home yoga is just as good. There are tons of Youtube videos or apps on your phone to watch yoga videos where they walk you through all of the moves. Cannabis specialist

17 – Cozy up in bed.

Wrap up in a warm, fuzzy blanket, turn on the TV or plug in your headphones, and chill out to the max. Nesting around in your own bed is even more relaxing when you’re stoned. And the bonus? Even if you fall asleep, it’ll be the best nap of your life. CBD vape cartridge